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It has become an indisputable truth that nutrition contributes to general success in training. Here is a short overview how nutritional substances influence the metabolism and from which sources you can find them.



Protein is the most important constituent of our muscles, cartilages, joints and bones. Our body cannot make extra storages of protein that is why it has to be regularly delivered from food. Protein is also responsible for metabolism and growing processes that are launched with protein.



Carbohydrates- Sources: rice, pasta, potatoes, vegetables, fruits, cereals Carbohydrates are energy suppliers that our body requires to be able to perform physical and mental activities. Carbohydrates are responsible for fueling of our muscles with energy. Our body turns carbohydrates into glucose and then into glycogen. These substances are further burnt during physical movements. Carbohydrates that are not burnt are stocked in the body.



Animal fats: butter, fat. Plant fats: vegetable oils. Fats (lipids) are very important energy reservoirs that are used by the body when external energy supplies are lacking or deficient. Fat also possesses function to act as a flavor transmitter of other products.

Viotamine Minerale

Minerals: magnesium, calcium, potassium, natrium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, etc.
Vitamins: A, B complex, C, D, E...

Minerals carry the task to enable growth, physical development and functioning of our body. Minerals are not produced and saved in our body. That is why it is vitally important to ensure regular deliveries of minerals to the body. Minerals prevent spasms and maintain muscular functions.

Vitamins are substances that are not produced in the body. They participate in all metabolism processes (energy turn over and muscle regeneration). Vitamin deficiency causes very complicated problems with health.

For high performance athletes and bodybuilder a balanced diet may be not sufficient. Especially high is demand on proteins and vitamins. Here also various auxiliary products such as testosterone and energy boosters, joint products can be added. For these purposes sports nutrition have been used successfully for many years. It embraces many categories and matched to different training phases.

Since 2008 we have devoted ourselves to development of our brand Strimex®. By today it has already gained good reputation. Our assortment includes such products as proteins, gainers, creatines, L-carnitines, vitamins in powder or liquid forms, capsules or tablets so that every one could find something to his or her taste and requirements. All our products are exceptionally made in EU at ISO, GMP or HACCP certified factories. Regular laboratory and technical tests are a must before the productions starts.

The shopping in Germany is organized through an Internet-store.
In other countries our products are offered through authorized distributors.
The deliveries within EU are sent from our warehouse in Bielefeld (Germany).